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PPS Patient Portal

Patient Portal:

Provided as a courtesy to our patients, we offer a patient portal designed to enhance secure patient-physician communications .

How the Portal Works:

A secure web portal is kind of webpage that uses encryption to keep unauthorized  persons from reading communications, information or attachments.  Secure messages and information can only be read by someone who knows the right password to log into the portal site. Once you have logged into the portal, you will have access to your records or those whom you are legally responsible.

Via the Patient Portal you will be able to:

*Use the message function to communicate with our staff
*Request to schedule, cancel or reschedule an appointment
*View and print health summary information
*Send updated demographic or insurance information
*Receive lab results or other diagnostic tests
*Request medication refills

Important information Regarding the PPS Patient Portal:

*Use is limited to NON-EMERGENCY communications and requests.  For emergencies, go to the nearest ER or call 911.
*The portal facilitates communications between appointments.  However, it does NOT replace scheduled office visits. No diagnosis or treatment is offered by portal email.
*Please allow up to 72 hrs to respond to communications and requests.  It is NOT checked on weekends or after hours.

How to participate in the Patient Portal:

To use the PPS patient portal, you must agree and sign a authorization form, as well as have a permanent email address. A link will be sent to your personal email for you to create your username and password as well as, to set up your security question and answer.  If you do not do this and forget your password, you have to contact us to reset it. Be advised NO ONE at PPS knows your password. Below you will find links to access the authorization form, portal login and user guide:

Patient Portal Authorization Form:

Patient Portal Login:

Patient Portal User Guide:

997.1 KB

Payments and Billing-ATTENTION INSURANCE COMPANIES AND PHARMACIES!  Please DO NOT send prescription requests or prior authorizations to the fax number below! It's for payment and billing ONLY.

For Billing questions, please contact our Business Office:

Phone :

Fax: 803.788.9564

To pay a bill online:

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